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Ten Little Bullies

In the midst of a carnival's gleeful cheer,

Ten souls faced vengeance, horror, and fear.

For each had tormented a man in their past,

And now, one by one, they'd breathe their last.

Ten little bullies, trapped in a Gravitron ride,

Each unaware of the fate they'd soon be denied.

The first, a manager, who believed lies and deceit,

Was sliced in two by a chainsaw, swift and neat.

Nine little bullies, trembling with dread,

The second recalled the chokehold, that messed up his head.

His neck snapped swiftly, as justice came in tow,

Leaving the others to ponder their impending woe.

Eight little bullies, praying to be freed,

A teacher was next, who'd mocked the man's creed.

Her head sliced open, as her brain tumbled out,

The remaining bullies stifled a terrified shout.

Seven little bullies, in a world of despair,

An ex-coworker, who'd once shared secrets unfair,

Laughing gas choked him, as his laughter turned to gasp,

The others knew they were caught in a vengeful grasp.

Six little bullies, fearing what's next in line,

A man who'd assaulted the victim, in a moment unkind,

His leg kicked out, now met a gruesome end,

Falling to a meat grinder, his body would rend.

Five little bullies, trembling within the cage,

The sixth, a high school tormentor, now faced his wage.

Impaled from groin to skull, he met his demise,

As the others gazed on, with terror in their eyes.

Four little bullies, wishing for a reprieve,

A man who'd threatened the victim's mother, it's hard to believe.

A drill pierced his stomach, as he cried out in pain,

Leaving three more to face the vengeful campaign.

Three little bullies, begging for mercy's embrace,

A woman who lied, to shame him in a public space,

Her head severed swiftly, as blood stained the air,

Only two little bullies, left to despair.

Two little bullies, fearing the end was near,

A man who'd stomped on a cherished gift, held dear,

Crushed to death, as if by a giant's heel,

Leaving one last bully, to face the ordeal.

One little bully, drenched in blood and fright,

An airline worker, who'd made his flight a plight.

But this one was spared, to live with the memory,

Of the dark revenge, that had set the woman free.

Outside the Gravitron, the carnival went on,

Unaware of the terror, that had come and gone.

For within that ride, ten bullies met their doom,

In the vengeful man's retribution, that sealed their tomb.

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