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SCP-7867 - The Temporal Staircase

Drawing of SCP-7867

Item #: SCP-7867

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7867 is located in a restricted area within the ████ Forest, near Stoney Lonesome Road, West Point, New York. The area is to be cordoned off and monitored by on-site security personnel, disguised as a military training zone. Unauthorized civilians attempting to enter the area are to be detained, questioned, and administered Class-B amnestics before being released.

A perimeter of infrared cameras and motion detectors is to be established around SCP-7867 to monitor any anomalous activity. All personnel must maintain a distance of at least 10 meters from SCP-7867 between sunset and sunrise. Time-sensitive experiments involving SCP-7867 must be approved by a Level 4 researcher or higher.

Description: SCP-7867 is a stone staircase consisting of 57 steps, partially embedded in the ground. The staircase leads to an elevated plateau. SCP-7867's anomalous properties manifest between sunset and sunrise. During this time, a dense fog appears around SCP-7867, accompanied by spectral figures resembling soldiers from various time periods in military history. The spectral figures march up the stairs in formation, emitting audible marching sounds.

Individuals who observe the spectral figures and marching sounds (hereafter referred to as victims) are compelled to follow the figures up SCP-7867. Upon reaching the top of the staircase, victims disappear and are transported to a different timeline and dimension within West Point. The victim's destination appears to be random, with no discernible pattern.

The SCP Foundation has conducted a series of tests using remote-controlled time capsules equipped with cameras and GPS tracking devices. Each test has resulted in the time capsule being transported to a different timeline and location in West Point. Recovered footage has shown various historical events, such as [REDACTED] and the construction of ██████ ████.

Addendum: Due to the unpredictable nature of SCP-7867, further experimentation with human subjects is prohibited without express permission from the Site Director. Research into the possible applications of SCP-7867 for temporal exploration is ongoing, with a focus on minimizing the risk of unintended consequences or alterations to the timeline. Additionally, investigations into the origin and purpose of the spectral figures are being conducted to determine if they pose a potential threat or have any further anomalous properties.

Interview Log SCP-7867-1

Date: 10/██/1999

Interviewed: Robert V█████ (12 years old) and Michael B█████████ (13 years old)

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

[Begin Log]

Dr. ███████: Good evening, Robert and Michael. I want to thank you both for agreeing to talk with me today. Can you please recount the events of October ██, 1999, when you encountered the staircase?

Robert V█████: We were just hanging out near the woods, you know, exploring and stuff. It was getting late, but we wanted to see what was up on that hill.

Michael B█████████: Yeah, and then we saw these old-looking stairs, and it was kind of foggy around them. It was spooky, but we wanted to check it out.

Dr. ███████: Can you describe what you saw on the staircase?

Robert V█████: There were these soldiers, like ghosts. They were marching up the stairs. We could hear their footsteps, like they were really there.

Michael B█████████: They looked like they were from different times, too. Some had old uniforms, like from those Revolutionary War movies, and others had, like, World War II gear.

Dr. ███████: What happened when you approached the staircase?

Robert V█████: We were scared, but we couldn't help it. We just started following the ghosts up the stairs. I don't know why, but it felt like we had to.

Michael B█████████: It was like we were being pulled by them. We couldn't resist.

Dr. ███████: How did you return to your own timeline?

Robert V█████: I don't remember everything, but one of the ghost soldiers, he looked at us, and it was like he knew we didn't belong there. He just walked us back down the stairs, and then we were back where we started.

Michael B█████████: Yeah, it was really weird. It felt like we were gone for hours, but when we looked at our watches, only a few minutes had passed.

Dr. ███████: Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Do you have any other observations or feelings about the event?

Robert V█████: It was scary, but also kind of cool. Like, we saw real ghosts, and they didn't hurt us or anything.

Michael B█████████: I just hope we didn't mess up anything by going there.

Dr. ███████: We appreciate your cooperation, and we will ensure that the area is secure to prevent any further incidents. Thank you, Robert and Michael.

[End Log]

Following the interview, Class-B amnestics were administered to Robert V█████ and Michael B█████████. The SCP Foundation has continued to monitor the area and the two individuals for any further anomalous activity or signs of lingering effects from their encounter with SCP-7867.

Addendum SCP-7867-2: Unexplained Ghost Manifestation of Hat Man

Interview Log SCP-7867-2

Addendum SCP-7867-3: Camping Incident

Interview Log SCP-7867-3

SCP-████: The Anomalous Photograph

Addendum SCP-7867-5: Timeline Alterations

Addendum SCP-7867-6: Incident at ██████████ Airport

Interview Log SCP-7867-6

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