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SCP-7190 - The Discovery Zone

Photograph inside SCP-7190 of Ball Pit Discovered Under Laser Tag Area

Item #: SCP-7190

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7190 is to be monitored by Foundation satellites equipped with "████████████ Software." Upon detection of SCP-7190's manifestation, the coordinates are to be immediately relayed to MTF █████-A and MTF █████-B. These Mobile Task Forces are to be dispatched to SCP-7190's location, with MTF █████-A securing the main entrance and LED sign, while MTF █████-B secures the road entrance.

Any individuals found exiting SCP-7190 are to be contained immediately. Upon the conclusion of SCP-7190's yearly cycle, all organic or inorganic structures are to be restored to their original state before the next manifestation.

Description: SCP-7190 is a former Discovery Zone, a children's indoor playground, once located at The Marketplace Mall in Rochester, New York. The location of SCP-7190 now randomly manifests within the forested area of [REDACTED] Park, New York, appearing and disappearing on a yearly cycle.

During its manifestation, SCP-7190 temporarily removes any pre-existing organic or inorganic structures in the area. Living organisms affected by SCP-7190 will cease to exist until the manifestation cycle ends.

When SCP-7190 manifests, it is accompanied by a stretch of asphalt road (SCP-7190-1) of varying length. A colorful metal sign, displaying the original Discovery Zone logo from the 1990s, is placed at the entrance of SCP-7190-1 with an arrow pointing towards SCP-7190. SCP-7190-1 exhibits hypnotic properties that affect any humans who drive or walk on the road.


Addendum: SCP-7190 Test Log #7190-A

Test #: 7190-A

Date: ██/██/████

Procedure: D-4962, a D-Class personnel equipped with a body-mounted camera, was instructed to enter SCP-7190 while MTF █████-A and MTF █████-B secured the entrances. The objective was to gather information about the interior of SCP-7190.

Results: Upon entering SCP-7190, D-4962 reported that the interior appeared identical to a standard Discovery Zone from the 1990s, complete with play structures, ball pits, and arcade games. The layout of the facility, however, was observed to be far more extensive and labyrinthine than any known Discovery Zone, with corridors and play areas stretching beyond the camera's field of view.

As D-4962 progressed through SCP-7190, the environment gradually became more distorted and surreal. Some notable observations included:

  1. A ball pit containing orbs that appeared to be filled with an unidentified, viscous liquid. Upon touching the orbs, D-4962 reported experiencing intense feelings of dread and despair.

  2. An arcade game that, when interacted with, displayed personal information about D-4962, including traumatic events from his past.

  3. A room filled with life-sized animatronic versions of popular children's characters from the 1990s. These animatronics behaved aggressively towards D-4962, attempting to physically restrain him.

Despite these abnormalities, no other humans were encountered during the exploration. After ██ minutes, D-4962 was ordered to exit SCP-7190. Upon leaving, D-4962 exhibited signs of severe psychological trauma and was taken into Foundation custody for debriefing and evaluation.

Note: Due to the potential psychological hazards present within SCP-7190, further exploration and testing are to be approved by Level 3 personnel or higher.

Addendum: SCP-7190 Test Log #7190-B

Addendum: SCP-7190 Test Log #7190-C

Addendum: SCP-7190 Test Log #7190-D

Addendum: SCP-7190 Test Log #7190-E

Addendum: SCP-7190 Incident Log 2017-██

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