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Norman J. Sherman Park

In Norman J. Sherman Park, where memories bloom,

Since '66, generations have found room,

A haven in Brick, New Jersey's embrace,

A cherished space, where time slows its pace.

The Bastianelli clan, their tale woven here,

Tito's keys buried deep, a youthful souvenir,

By a child's hand, in earth concealed,

A playful mystery, forever sealed.

At 134 Village Way, Maria's abode,

Across the street, the park bestowed,

A playground for Tito's progeny to roam,

Laughter echoes, near the family's home.

Grandchildren and great, in sunlight they danced,

The legacy of love, in every step enhanced,

In Norman J. Sherman Park, time unfurls,

A living testament to family, boys and girls.

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