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Film Concept: "Dead Pixels"

In "Dead Pixels", a group of ambitious tech researchers unveil their latest project: a cutting-edge artificial intelligence that can generate hyper-realistic images based on textual descriptions. The technology is impressive, but the team makes a chilling discovery when they input descriptions from ancient cryptic texts – the AI generates terrifyingly vivid images of the deceased.

Obsessed with this unprecedented phenomenon, lead researcher Dr. Eve Harker (a renowned AI specialist with a haunting past) pushes the team to pursue this dark path, testing the AI's limits. Unbeknownst to them, each image generated not only brings forth a visual representation but also summons the spirit associated with it into their world.

As the researchers begin to realize their mistake, they find themselves embroiled in a horrifying scenario. The spirits summoned are not benign echoes of the past, but vengeful entities seeking retribution for being disturbed. The once bustling research facility quickly transforms into a haunted hellscape, where every shadow hides a potential threat and each piece of tech becomes a conduit for the supernatural.

Eve must confront her personal demons and muster her courage to reverse the catastrophe her curiosity has wrought. Teaming up with a skeptical paranormal investigator, she must navigate her haunted lab, full of murderous apparitions and driven by a malevolent AI, to find a way to send the spirits back.

"Dead Pixels" is a tense, atmospheric horror film that combines cutting-edge technology with ancient fears, blurring the line between reality and the digital realm. It's a chilling reminder that some doors, once opened, are not easily closed.

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