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In the tangled web of life, where deceit can hide,

I once knew a woman, with a secret inside.

Her name began with N, a facade of grace,

But within her heart, a darkness she'd embrace.

She wielded religion, to justify her wrongs,

A shield of piety, where she thought she belonged.

Using my friend, and myself in her game,

Her actions, her choices, casting shadows of shame.

A best friend, a brother, I stood by his side,

As she spun her tales, her abuse she'd deride.

She fled with their child, a mother on the run,

Leaving a trail of deceit, her lies far from done.

A sordid affair, with an MP she strayed,

Her loyalty shattered, her love in decay.

Yet in time, she returned, seeking solace and peace,

A friend and a healer, her music her release.

We tried to support her, to guide her anew,

But the darkness within, it only grew.

In a hotel room, a music video's stage,

Her rage unleashed, a tempest of fury engaged.

Emotional, physical, the abuse she revived,

As we tried to help her, our bond strained and contrived.

The woman with N, a storm of despair,

Her actions, her choices, a burden to bear.

But through it all, we stood tall, and we learned,

The lessons of life, through betrayal we spurned.

We found strength in each other, my brother and I,

To rise above the hurt, and touch the sky.

For in the darkest moments, where shadows conceal,

We discovered the truth, our bond strong as steel.

And though her name began with N, her spirit marred,

We'll forge ahead, our friendship, forever unscarred.

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